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Design | Photography

10 Years of Design Experience

Portfolio includes:

print pieces • web graphics • logos

company branding [logo concept, color scheme, graphics]

I like starting from scratch -- savoring the entire process from start to finish. I am a self-taught designer, constantly seeking to improve and learn something new. While I loved drawing and art even as a child, my design journey began in high school on a small yearbook staff. As editor, I loved finding ways to design a look that was unusual and different from the average yearbook. I liked to create something that looked and felt new. I went on to work for a regional magazine as the production manager -- designing ads, page layouts, and cover design. It was also my task to modernize the feel of the magazine brand. In my current role, I create and manage all communications and design, routinely creating artwork for both print and web formats, keeping a cohesive feel across both platforms. My desire to create something exciting and unique continues each time an idea begins to form and I reach for a blank sheet of paper...

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